New Portable Wind Profiling Radar is used for Wildfire Support

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XBS-BLPanama City, FL, USA   —  DeTect Inc will be introducing the RAPTOR Hexagonal Beam Steering-Boundary Layer (XBS-BL) RWP, which was originally designed to support advanced warning of wildfire risk and aid in fire response management.

The system is available on a trailer or in a fixed installation configuration, and is optimal for atmospheric and air pollution research and forecasting, as well as prediction of toxic chemical release tracks and volcanic ash/dust storm transport.

The XBS-BL processes clear-air backscatter to produce wind profiles from near the ground to 10,000 feet and higher, depending on time of year and weather conditions.

A trailer-mounted XBS-BL can be set up quickly and easily, and can be moved from one location to another as a wildfire moves, providing critical information to firefighters and first responders.

The XBS-BL provides wind profiles from five minutes on up (user defined) to help meteorologists predict where wind-driven wildfire danger is greatest and how upper air conditions will evolve.

Other featured RAPTOR systems include the following standard models in various frequencies and power configurations:

  • the 50 MHz band FBS-MST Mesospheric, Stratospheric & Tropospheric,
  • the 400 MHz band FBS-ST Stratospheric & Tropospheric and smaller FBS-T and XBS-T Tropospheric,
  • the 1 GHz band FMC-BL Shipborne Boundary Layer, and
  • the 1 GHz band high-performance VAD-BL Parabolic Dish Boundary Layer.


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