OpenWeatherMap: Free weather data available to everybody

Data From Major Open Sources and ~40,000 others

Night Satellite View
Night Satellite View Image – Courtesy OpenWeatherMap

Online — OpenWeatherMap (OWM) provides an open API to current weather data and forecast free.

OpenWeatherMap technology is based on The Big Data idea. This is not a secret that the cost of the transaction and the cost of storing of large amounts of information are dropping with enormous pace.

Big Data is becoming available. This is the answer to the question of why OpenWeatherMap is free and open.

Their API will remain free because this is the main idea of the OpenWeatherMap service.

OWM’s API includes the following features:

  • Simple API. Our customers said that it is literally a hour or two job to get this integrated into your application
  • Current weather data for any location
  • Interactive maps with information about the current weather conditions, the forecast for the week and the historical data for 120 000 cities worldwide.
  • Raw data from 40,000 weather stations around the world
  • Wide range of maps including clouds, precipitation, wind, temperature, and others.
  • Weekly weather forecasts, weather historical data
  • API to access weather data from third party applications

OpenWeatherMap service collects data from professional and private weather stations. Most of them are professional stations which are installed in airports, large cities etc. Visit: to learn much, much more.

It is also important for the OWM to collect the weather data from the non-professional stations that have been assembled and installed by many weather and OpenWeatherMap fans.

The level of non-professional stations now is very high, they are able to provide precision data, and, most importantly, the speed of the transmitted is also very high.

With more of these stations connected to the OWM, the higher the accuracy of the current weather information and forecasts. In fact, the idea of non-professional weather stations?? emphasizes that the range of these stations is very large. It is affordable not only to techno freaks.

Any parent would be surprised at the fun installing a weather stations together with a child. By the way you, can buy assembled models from $ 100 to $ 1,000 or to assemble them from several sources, e.g. based on Arduino, or Hobo or Davis by yourself.

But all this would not be so interesting if the meteorologists would not share our love of free software. Some models that OWM use are available in Open Source WRF model, for example.

OpenWeatherMap weather station prototype

Engineers of OpenWeatherMap have developed a simple GSM-based autonomous sensor. It is installed in the mountains of the Crimea peninsula. Read more at: