Precise measurement of weather data

The KNX weather station in compact design

The KNX Weather Station
The KNX Weather Station

Schalksmühle, Germany  —  Wind, brightness, rain, air pressure and temperature – the JUNG KNX weather station combines all the important sensors for the capture of meteorological data in a compact device. Its main area of deployment here is as an automatic, weather-dependent shade control for façade protection.

The shade management of up to eight façades of a building in parallel is possible using only one JUNG KNX weather station station.

The housing of the JUNG KNX weather station is made from a special polycarbonate which is ideally suited for weather protection.

The integrated sensors reliably measure wind speed, wind direction, brightness in four directions, twilight, global radiation, precipitation, relative humidity and air pressure.

The calculation of further data such as absolute humidity and perceived temperature is also done.

Operating interdependently with each other, values are also determined in terms of the mugginess curve and comfort characteristic that can then be used to optimise the ventilation control in a building, for example.

These features are enhanced with a GPS/GLONASS receiver for the date and time as well as an astro function for determining the position of the sun.

This makes it unnecessary to set the time manually.

Easy attachment

The JUNG KNX weather station is attached to an installation mast with its own stainless steel fastening arm. This ensures the best capture and measurement of the weather data.

It can also be mounted directly onto the façade by means of the fastening arm.

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