See GRAW’s New Products at AMS Booth no. 912

NEW: GS-U Groundstation and PS-15 Pilotsonde

The GS-U
The GS-U is the latest small, light-weight and fully waterproof groundstation
Online  —  GRAW will show you their whole range of Upper Air Sounding Systems

Beginning from their GPS radiosonde model DFM-09 which is very compact and robust, extremely light and small (< 90 g, ready for start), simple handling (e. g. power activated by ON/OFF switch), highly sophisticated transmitter (deviation < 4 KHz, bandwidth < 10 KHz), low cost etc. to name only a few features.

They will also present our new groundstation GS-U: small, light-weight and fully waterproof. It is equipped with an integrated battery pack for portable and mobile application.

Last but not least their new digital pilotsonde PS-15 will also amaze you.

It is a GPS radiosonde without sensors for humidity and temperature. It can replace conventional Pilot soundings with optical radio-theodolites by a fully automatic sounding system at very low cost.

It is fully compatible with all GRAW Upper Air Sounding Systems and can be used in combination with normal PTU-radiosondes.

The optional XDATA interface allows using the telemetry of the PS-15 for transmitting any external sensor data down to the receiving system.

GRAW is a well-established German company developing and manufacturing Upper Air Sounding Systems since 1938. GRAW’s customers are military, academic research and meteorological institutions worldwide.

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