Telemetry Solution Sends Rainfall Intensity Data Online

Frog RX Rain Gauge Data Logger Sends Data over GSM/GPRS

Smart SDI-12 output tipping bucket rain gauge

Chesterland OH, USA?? –?? CAS DataLoggers has just provided the hydrometric monitoring solution for a meteorologist manning a weather station measuring local rainfall intensity over the summer.

To get more accurate rainfall data for flood warnings and weather predictions he needed an environmental datalogger to connect to his smart SDI-12 output tipping bucket rain gauges.

Previously he had been looking at a combination datalogger and sensor but that product lacked a way to remotely send data directly to his desktop.

CAS DataLoggers supplied the weather station with two Isodaq Frog RX GSM/GPRS Data Loggers as a low-cost remote monitoring solution.

 Frog datalogger
Isodaq Frog RX datalogger

The Isodaq Frog RX model is a rugged telemetry data logger sealed to IP68 rating for solid protection from the environment and able to withstand temporary submersion.

Designed for quick deployment at a low cost, each rain fall logger has standard inputs including a digital event counter.

Using the Frog???s optional SDI-12 compatible multi-channel expansion port, the station???s technician connected each logger to a smart tipping bucket rain gauge sensor, with Channel 1 of each device recording 0.2 mm tip events.

Currently the Frog data loggers have begun recording data at two remote rural sites where each device has been installed into an external plastic meter box enclosure.

Through the connected smart sensors, the Frogs log the total amount of rainfall during the season to determine the local rainfall intensity in their area, given in millimeters per hour (mm/h).

Now when the specified amount of precipitation falls in a given hour, it tips the rain gauge lever, spilling into the bucket and actuating a switch that electrically signals the Frog datalogger to record the data.

The station???s smart sensors give them data on accumulated rainfall oven the given period as well as total accumulation and intensity level.

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