The new compact weather sensor WS800

A New member of the Lufft weather sensor family

WS800-UMB Compact weather station

Fellbach, Germany  —  Up until now there was little evidence to prove that damage or fires were caused by lightning. Lightning strikes can not only cause dangerous fires but can also give rise to great financial losses in the case of surge damage.

This is especially critical for smart grids, solar panels and wind turbines, but also for building insurance, outdoor events and the forestry sector.

WS800, the new compact weather sensor from Lufft provides a solution. The new member of the Lufft weather sensor family allows the precise reconstruction of the location where and the times at which such acts of nature occurred.

The device also detects many other environmental parameters which,for example, are relevant to the monitoring of power plants, buildings or forest stocks.

Optically, there is no difference from the WS700 all-­in-­one weather sensor, which has been available since September 2014.

This is because the new lighting detector is small enough to fit into the existing housing of the WS700–UMB.

In addition to lightning detection, therefore, the WS800 also covers the same environmental parameters as its “big brother”. These are:

  • ambient temperature,
  • relative humidity,
  • barometric pressure,
  • wind speed and direction,
  • rainfall intensity and volume, as well as,
  • global radiation.

Thus, eight individual sensors are packed into the smart “all-­?in-­? one” device. For connecting to a new or existing measurement network, a single cable suffices.

This saves customers valuable time during installation and maintenance. The innovative environmental sensor communicates with the standard protocols UMB-­ASCII, UMB-­?Binary, SDI-­12 and MOD-­BUS as well as with analog outputs in combination with the DACON converter.

Hence it is easy to integrate into new and existing measurement networks. The new module of the WS800 detects the radiated electromagnetic waves of a thunderbolt.

By way of appropriate algorithms and filters it reliably detects the lightning discharges.

Extensive tests with lighting simulators performed by Lufft engineers in the laboratory and in the field confirmed, among other results, the sensor’s resistance against electromagnetic radiation, which occurs on high speed train rails, for example.

Further information can be found on the Lufft website under “All-­in-­One Systems” and in the Lufft exhibition overview.

About the WS family from WS800 to WS20.

The WS family is a range of weather sensors which are combined in a single housing and used to monitor various environmental applications.

These applications include hydrology, meteorology, road traffic, agriculture, energy production, high-­?speed train rails and air quality measurement. There are now 18 family members with different levels of precision and sensor constellations that all comply with WMO standards.

The modular design of the sensors makes this possible.

With the WS800-­UMB, the measuring and control technology manufacturer introduces an innovative sensor which extends the versatility of the weather sensors by a further integrated sensor. The design options with the new WS800, however, are far from exhausted.

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