Weatherization Make Work?

Aerial Infrared View of city rooftops:

Roofs in the thermal Infrared from an airplane

The Stockton Infrared Services ‘ website has a very candid webpage dealing with weatherization efforts and the US Government’s recent efforts to obtain increased energy efficiency.

Unfortunately it does not look like a pretty story,?? It makes one wonder why the actual results are so far removed from the planned ones. Frankly, it looks like huge waste of the taxpayers’ money.

You can view the story yourself online at:

Just check the final column in the analysis table in the article where they the authors take the time to provide a state-by-state summary of the results achieved in terms of the cost per buildings “Weatherized” and the expected payback in years.

The average payback for the entire USA comes out as 49 years, assuming a 30% energy savings is achieved per year.

In detail, the most expenditures per home was in the State of New Jersey and are shown as $106,758 per home with a resulting payback at 30% energy cost saved per year as?? 254 years. That’s incredulously awful!!!

The best job shown is in the State of Washington at a cost of $5,586 per home and a 13.3 year payback! OK, that’s more like a significant, cost effective improvement especially given that the cost of energy shows little likelihood of going down.

Was this an honest technical effort botched by Federal & most State governments? Not all States did as poorly as New Jersey

If some of the states apparently did well and most were so terrible, it seems logical to conclude that the US Government oversight was seriously inept.

Or, as some have opined, perhaps it was a “Jobs Bill” disguised as a serious effort to improve energy efficiency in American homes?

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