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NWS Wind Chill Brochure Cover
NWS Wind Chill Brochure Cover

Northeastern USA – The recent cold snap and extensive area of much higher than usual wind speeds (gusts to 60 mph or more in Pennsylvania) have prompted a quick look at the windchill factor talked about in the news media.

You don’t have to be a Meteorologist to understand, or to estimate the actual windchill factor.

First, the air cools you down when the wind blows, something anyone trying to cool their hot tea, coffee or porridge already knows. That’s windchill, simple as that!

Second, how much the wind cools things has already been worked out by scientists many years ago. It is explained in the downloadable Wind Chill Temperature Index brochure (Cover picture above) available FREE from the USA National Weather Service (NWA).

There is also a downloadable chart you can put on your computer desktop or print out to hang over your breakfast nook. It could help your be?? prepared for the elements on a workday or school day morning when you leave your warm and cozy burrow.

You could, of course, just go to the windchill page on the NWS website at It includes all the above plus a handy-dandy, free, online Windchill Calculator!

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