Windsond miniature radiosonde

Lightweight, compact radiosonde for weather data collection

Windsond  radiosonde system for meteorological balloons, drones and other uses in weather data collection where weight and re-usability are important

Linköping, Sweden — Windsond is a new miniature GPS radiosonde that will be exhibited at MTWE by Swedish company Sparv Embedded.

The radiosonde is specialized for low altitudes, where it only needs 30 liters of helium and an 8 gram balloon.

This enables a new level of portability such as releasing a radiosonde through a rolled down car window. This system is capable of soundings up to an altitude of 24,000 ft.

Alternately, it is an excellent weather data collection tool for use in compact drones , UAVs and other weather-related data collection tasks where weight and re-usability are important.

Thanks to special software and hardware features, the radiosondes are routinely recovered and reused.

The system has caught the attention of hot air balloon pilots, scientists and educators thanks to its ease of use and high value for money.

Within its niche of low-altitude atmospheric measurements, Sparv Embedded is also working with UAV technology.

Windsond is designed for a number of applications, such as:

  • Air sports
  • UAV operations
  • Input for local weather forecasts
  • Exploring local weather phenomena
  • Input for ballistic missile trajectory calculations
  • Map movements of air-borne particles such as gas spills
  • Teach school children about meteorology
  • Fire fighting

The company will show its UAV work to bring soundings without balloons into use also outside the scientific community at the upcoming Meteorological Technology World Expo, .

“We are excited to exhibit at the World Expo for the first time,” says Anders Petersson, founder and CEO of Sparv Embedded.

“We look forward to discuss partnerships and further integration of our technology for all use cases.”

See Sparv Embedded at Meteorological Technology World Expo (MTWE), 13-15 OCTOBER 2015, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM on stand #7080.

Sparv Embedded AB is situated in Linköping, Sweden. It was founded in 2012 by Anders Petersson. We now employ two persons full-time and several others part-time. They develop technical solutions by means of electronics, microcontrollers and computer software, predominately meteorological measurement equipment. The areas of expertise involve systems design, sensors, long-range telemetry radio links, GPS, low-power embedded systems, control of radio-controlled vehicles and desktop and mobile software development.

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