FLIR Launches Next-Gen Black Hornet 3 Nano-UAV

Latest Black Hornet Enables Operation in GPS-Denied Areas WILSONVILLE, OR,USA – FLIR Systems, Inc. recently announced the Black Hornet® 3 nano-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for use by global militaries, government agencies, and first responders. The Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System

Incubator Monitoring Wireless Temperature Monitoring

In Vitro Clinic Uses Accsense ONLINE  —  CAS DataLoggers provided the automated incubator Accsense Wireless Current Data Logger monitoring and alarm system for an in vitro fertilization clinic which needed a wireless setup to monitor and alarm several double stack

Ceramics Manufacturer Uses Wireless Temperature Monitoring

To Ensure PQ in Kiln Application Online — Recently, CAS DataLoggers provided the temperature monitoring solution for Heath Ceramics, an innovative manufacturer headquartered in Sausalito, California. Heath’s products are handcrafted in small runs by skilled artisans in the Bay Area.

Monitoring RH & temps continuously in panda enclosures.

Vaisala’s Wireless Monitors in Finland Zoo Online —  The famous panda bears Jin Baobao and Huá Bào, also known as Lumi and Pyry, are in good hands in Ähtäri Zoo. In addition to the dedicated attention of their caretakers, the

Oven Monitoring System For Powder Coaters

Wireless Temperature Profiling System at USB Prices THE BOX from Advanced Temperature Monitoring Systems (ATMS) gives you the ability to ensure your powder is cured while maximizing your oven efficiency. Improving oven efficiency can help you save time and increase

FLIR DM91 Industrial True-RMS Multimeter w/Temperature

TRMS Multimeter with Type K Temperature WILSONVILLE, OR, USA – FLIR announces the FLIR DM91 Industrial true-root mean square multimeter for electrical inspection. Built for industrial electricians and benchtop workers, the 18-function DM91 digital multimeter is capable of datalogging and

Optimal measurement with new Sens-o-Spheres

Temperature Measurements in Bio-reactors Bio-reactors are the cooking pots of biochemists and bio-technologists, in which pharmaceutical agents, enzymes or nematodes are produced for the purpose of biological pest control. A nutrient solution (such as heat, oxygen, acid or alkali) is

New Fluke Ti450 & Ti480 PRO Thermal Infrared Cameras

See Smaller Delta-Ts EVERETT, WA, USA. — /PRNewswire/ — When diagnosing problems, capturing and displaying small temperature differences (Delta-Ts) can make all the difference in seeing and solving problems. The new Fluke® Ti450 and Ti480 PRO Series Thermal Infrared Cameras have

New Temp Measurement Apps for V-Sensor-Enabled Smartphones

Is your Chardonnay sufficiently chilled? LAUSANNE, Switzerland– /BUSINESS WIRE/– Leman Micro Devices (LMD) has found that some potential customers see uses for its V-Sensor health sensor and app beyond their original purpose. The V-Sensor health sensor is the only smartphone-integrated

FLIR Announces DM285™ Industrial Thermal Imaging Digital Multimeter

Powerful inspection, troubleshooting and diagnostic tool WILSONVILLE, OR, USA – FLIR has announced the FLIR DM285™ industrial thermal imaging digital multimeter (DMM) clamp meter, an industrial inspection, troubleshooting and diagnostic tool for electrical distribution, electro-mechanical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning/refrigeration (HVAC/R),